About Our HOA

What are we?

The “Palm Aire Village West Home Owner’s Association” is a registered non-profit, association open to all neighborhood residents, and run by volunteers.  There are no mandatory fees, though donations are welcome. Participation and attendance is also entirely voluntary, but it is encouraged.

Who are we?

We are run by a volunteer board which is selected by popular vote during regular general meetings.  Current board members are:

President – Rick Kinney

Vice-President – Doug Prestin

Secretary – Liz Wiesend

Treasurer – Jennifer Aubin-Anthony

Other Members – Matthew Kogo, Amy Swayzee, Val Prestin, Cory Baker

Updated June 2019

What do we do?

The board acts as the neighborhood’s official representation when talking to city and county officials.  We also coordinate neighborhood improvement projects like the white fencing, speed-humps, and pet waste stations.  We also ensure that our park, bridges, and roads are maintained.